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At RB Stone, we provide a wide range of stone masonry Edinburgh services. Our skilled stonemasons Edinburgh excel in precise stone cutting, carving, and crafting new architectural masonry. We prioritize material preservation, offering repairs from sandstone to brick walls. Our approach focuses on structural consolidation to ensure lasting results.

Our stone restoration Edinburgh work includes meticulous re-pointing, maintaining the original appearance of historic masonry. We selectively repair or replace elements only when necessary to preserve the authenticity of heritage buildings.

Alongside masonry and brick repairs, we specialize in consolidation techniques like grouting, resin repair, and premix render for reshaping moldings and carvings.

With in-house stone masonry expertise, we seamlessly coordinate with façade restoration and maintenance, providing a comprehensive service. For assistance from our skilled stonemasons and stone repair Edinburgh work, contact us today.

RB Stone Masonry Possibilities Across Edinburgh

Expert Stonemasons Ediburgh:
Preservation and Restoration

At RB Stone, our in-house team comprises highly skilled craftsmen dedicated to masonry work. With vast experience and qualifications, our stonemasons Edinburgh handle specialized stone and brick restoration, tailoring services to individual needs.

Our approach harmonizes ethics and practicality, ensuring our stone masonry Edinburgh complements the building’s age and style. We adeptly rejuvenate historical beauty, delivering optimal results for restoration projects.

As a seasoned Edinburgh stone restoration company, we collaborate closely with Local Conservation Officers. This partnership enables us to meticulously restore facades and structures, adhering to the rigorous standards set by these authorities.

Premier Stone Masonry Edinburgh Expert:
Unmatched Natural Stone Solutions

At RB Stone, our stonemasons Edinburgh exclusively employ the finest, sustainably sourced natural stone for your construction and renovation ventures.

With our extensive experience as a trusted stone masonry company Edinburgh, we’ve nurtured strong bonds with quarries and stone suppliers. This translates to swift and efficient project delivery. Through our close ties with family-run quarries, we can even bring the stone directly to your project site. Reach out to the RB Stone team to discuss your masonry and stone restoration needs in Edinburgh.

Stone Masonry Edinburgh:
Buildings Cleaning

At RB Stone, we prioritise the right approach to cleaning every masonry Edinburgh project. We meticulously assess factors such as building materials, type of staining and extent of damage to determine the most appropriate cleaning method.

Our qualified stonemasons Edinburgh have extensive training and experience. Using their technical expertise, they provide the most gentle and effective cleaning solutions for a variety of projects, both internal and external. This includes period properties, churches, historic structures and monuments.

From sandstone restoration to brick repairs, our Edinburgh masons deftly handle everything from light maintenance cleaning to stubborn carbon stains, paint and lime or cement residues.

Architectural Stonemasonry Edinburgh Experts:
Bringing Designs to Life

At RB Stone, our stone masonry Edinburgh team transforms architectural visions into reality. Our top-tier stonemasons specialize in sandstone repair, brick restoration, and stone craftsmanship, setting new standards citywide. Our masons are well-versed in every aspect of stone production, installation, and application across diverse architectural projects.

From initial design to stone selection, our dedicated stonemasons ensure impeccable architectural stone masonry Edinburgh. We source natural stone directly from our family-run quarries, ensuring unparalleled quality every time.

Comparing brick and stone masonry Edinburgh

At RB Stone, our commitment to excellence manifests itself in every aspect of masonry Edinburgh work, where we set the industry standard for brick and stone construction. Both methods use mortar to join bricks or stone blocks together.

Our masonry work in Edinburgh covers two main types: Brick masonry and stone masonry. Our skilled stonemasons Edinburgh are proficient in both techniques, allowing them to assess and determine the best solution for your particular stonemasonry needs.

In Edinburgh, brick masonry offers cost-effective and quick construction compared to the gradual progression of stone masonry. While stonemasonry provides solidity and durability, brick masonry allows for thinner walls (10cm compared to 35cm for stone walls) and requires less mortar.

Masonry stone, being stronger and more resistant to moisture, does not require plastering when exposed to the open atmosphere, unlike brick walls.

Masonry stone proves beneficial in terms of moisture and resistance to contact with elements such as urine and sewage. However, brick masonry has better fire resistance and offers greater ease in decorative work and correct bonding.

Choosing between brick and stone in Edinburgh takes into account factors such as climate, heat absorption and decorative needs, ensuring the best fit for the project. At RB Stone, our stonemasons bring experience and precision to every brick and stone, creating durable structures that stand the test of time.

3 Secific Benefits of Hiring Professional Masonry Edinburgh Services

Expert Craftsmanship
Hiring stonemasons Edinburgh ensures that a team of skilled experts with unique capabilities will complete your brick and stone projects. Whether it’s minor damage or potential foundation issues, a trained stonemason can accurately assess and deal with the necessary repairs. Their experience in the industry ensures the safety and longevity of the structure, avoiding the potential dangers of amateur repairs.

Optimum Performance
Engaging an effective masonry Edinburgh team not only saves time and stress, but also increases cost efficiency. Stand-alone masonry projects can be time-consuming and demanding. By entrusting the task to specialist professionals, you can expect the work to be completed quickly, reducing expenditure on consumables and potential damage. This approach ensures both efficiency and safety throughout the project.

Increased Resale Value
Doing masonry work on a property yourself involves risks that can reduce its value. Hiring experienced stonemasons Edinburgh eliminates these concerns. Professionals maintain, repair and improve the appearance of stone structures, contributing to the aesthetics and overall value of the property. By choosing professionals, you protect your investment and potentially increase the marketability of your home.

Some Of Our Stone Masonry Edinburgh Projects

RB Stone Masonry Edinburgh:
Your Trusted Source for All Stonemasonry Needs

For unparalleled masonry work in Edinburgh, look no further than RB Stone. Our exceptional stonemasons Edinburgh operate throughout the city, delivering exquisite craftsmanship while closely collaborating with each client to meet our rigorous standards.

Whether it’s sandstone repair or masonry construction in Edinburgh, our dedicated team excels. While most of our work is conducted at our purpose-built site, we also undertake on-site projects. From crafting stunning new masonry to achieving flawless stone restoration, our masonry Edinburgh specialists strive for excellence in every endeavor.

Our work at RB Stone includes

Quarrymen splitting the rock and extracting the
resulting blocks of stone from the ground ready to use

Sawyers cut rough blocks into cubes
with diamond-tipped saws, based on required size.

Workshop base banker masons specialise in stone carving
and creating intricate geometrical shapes based on our clients needs.

Working with the stone carvers can create beautiful
designs & fixer masons can fix stones onto buildings.

To inquire about our masonry work, our sandstone repair, masonry renovation or stone restoration across Edinburgh, contact the team at RB Stone for a free consultation and no obligation quote.

How To Take Care
Of Your Masonry Edinburgh?

When discussing stone masonry Edinburgh, we are addressing crucial repair work that becomes necessary due to the erosion of stone over time. This erosion is commonly observed on historic structures like churches and architecturally significant buildings. These constructions often feature intricate and meticulously carved masonry, showcasing the expertise of skilled stonemasons Edinburgh.

RB Stone takes pride in offering comprehensive masonry services in Edinburgh. Our expertise encompasses stone repair, replacement, and renovation solutions tailored to enhance and restore architectural elements. These include stone facades, cornices, balustrades, windows, lintels, and porticos.

If you’re responsible for the maintenance of a sandstone or limestone building with compromised stone masonry Edinburgh or Glasgow, our stonemasons are ready to provide professional guidance on repair and restoration. Contact us to ensure the preservation of your structure’s historical and aesthetic value.

The Most Popular Causes
Of Masonry Edinburgh Damage

Stone is a popular choice for various buildings, particularly in Victorian-style architecture. In Edinburgh, masonry applications offer multiple advantages, enhancing strength, energy efficiency, fire resistance, and soundproofing. However, even durable masonry can sustain damage. If your property features stone masonry, understanding the causes of damage is crucial, and enlisting the expertise of professional masonry restoration contractors can help prevent it.

Moisture Infiltration:
Water infiltration ranks among the leading causes of masonry deterioration. Once water breaches masonry walls, it jeopardizes structural integrity. Freeze-thaw cycles within the masonry due to trapped water destabilize the structure, exerting pressure internally. Beyond masonry, adjacent materials like wood, metal, windows, and doors are also affected. Moisture management is a key focus in masonry restoration Edinburgh projects.

Cracks often stem from moisture trapped within masonry structures, building settling, inadequate mortar preparation, or natural disasters. Cracks are a prevalent issue in stone masonry structures and can compromise stability and aesthetics, impacting both walls and foundations.

Unsightly masonry staining occurs externally, impacting a property’s curb appeal. Contact with water or severe weather triggers staining, often due to masonry materials or mortar. Aging and water exposure are the primary factors behind masonry staining.

Masonry restoration Edinburgh projects target these issues to ensure the longevity and beauty of stone masonry structures. Collaborating with skilled professionals safeguards your property from these common sources of masonry damage.

Masonry Repair vs Masonry Restoration

Choose wisely which masonry service you need

Masonry construction has been used for centuries and is all around us. Over the years new construction methods and techniques have evolved, but masonry is not a skill of the past. It is still very much used today, especially when it comes to repair and restoring old buildings. Stone and bricks that are used in masonry are extremely durable and can last for hundreds of years. However, over time, wear and tear and pollution in the atmosphere can lead to damage. What is the difference between masonry repair and masonry restoration?

Masonry Repair

The process of masonry repair involves fixing cracks or filling holes in the mortar holding the bricks or stones together. It also includes replacing old and crumbling mortar and repairing damaged stones or bricks, or replacing them with new ones.

The following signs in your home indicate that you need masonry repair services

  • Crumbling, cracked or chipped bricks
  • Crumbling or cracked mortar
  • brick discoloration

Masonry Restoration

Rather than focusing on areas to be repaired, masonry restoration services focus on the whole building. The focus is on restoring structural integrity and preventing collapse. Masonry restoration is widely used and very important in the restoration of historical buildings, monuments and other structures such as bridges. It is essential for buildings of historical value. Restoration involves a masonry specialist removing the old mortar and any damaged bricks or stones and replacing them with new materials that match the originals.

What’s the Difference between masonry repair and masonry restoration?

Masonry repair services involve making repairs to the masonry to stop more damage from occurring. It usually involves small areas. Masonry restoration takes much longer to complete and involve much larger areas. Often the whole building. Their purpose is to restore the building to its original appearance


When it comes to old house renovation in Edinburgh, RB Stone is the company to trust for the results you deserve. Our years of industry experience and our team of talented tradesmen ensure that all our work sets the highest standards.

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