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RB Stone Stone Mason Edinburgh Company Specializes
At Sandstone Repair & Masonry Edinburgh

At RB Stone, we are proud to offer a wide range of masonry work across Edinburgh. Our stonemason services include cutting and carving stone, from corbels and cornices to small indents, as well as the production of new architectural masonry as required.

We believe that our stonemasons in Edinburgh should always try to avoid unnecessary replacement of materials, which is why we offer everything from sandstone repair to brick wall repair across Edinburgh, ensuring that repair and structurally consolidating work is done wherever and whenever possible.

Our stone restoration work in Edinburgh also includes professional re-pointing, which we only carry out where necessary, preserving the appearance and integrity of otherwise sound historic masonry. Selectively repairing or replacing only where it is truly required helps preserve the original character of ancient heritage buildings.

As well as all this masonry work, brick repairs, and masonry construction across Edinburgh, we also do consolidation, including grouting and conservation resin repair, as well as premix render repairs for re-shaping mouldings and carvings.

With all stonemasonry capabilities in-house, works can be coordinated in parallel with complementary aspects of façade restoration and maintenance, providing clients with a comprehensive and perfectly aligned service. To work with our stonemason and stone repair team in Edinburgh, contact us today.

RB Stone Masonry Possibilities Across Edinburgh

Stone Mason Edinburgh:
Restoration And Conservation

At RB Stone, we are proud that all our masonry work in Edinburgh is done by our in-house team of highly skilled, experienced and qualified craftsmen. Our masonry construction and stone restoration teams in Edinburgh are on hand to offer a range of specialist stone and brickwork restoration services tailored to individual requirements.

All our masonry work across Edinburgh is designed to suit the age and construction of each building, and our stonemasons are all careful to balance ethical considerations with practical solutions to recreate the beauty of an old building and give our clients the best outcome for their restoration project.

As an experienced stone restoration company in Edinburgh, we often work alongside Local Conservation Officers to restore a wide variety of facades and structures in accordance with the strict requirements and standards of these authorities.

Stone Masonry Edinburgh:
Buildings Cleaning

At RB Stone, we believe that all our masonry work in EdinburghIt should be done by selecting the most appropriate cleaning method suited to each building depending on factors such as the construction materials, the nature of the dirt to be removed and the extent of any deterioration.

All our stonemasons across Edinburgh and trained and experienced, able to use their vast technical knowledge and experience to provide the most sympathetic cleaning solution to any internal or external project on any period property, church, historic building or monument.

From sandstone restoration to brick repairs, our Edinburgh masons use  light maintenance cleaning to heavy carbon soiling, paint, and lime or cement removal from the most delicate of substrates or carvings. We complement these with the correct use of chemicals, poultices and non-ionic soaps, dependent on the soiling or coating to be removed.

Masonry Edinburgh Specialist:
Natural Stone Repair

At RB Stone, our stonemasons in Edinburgh will only ever be allowed to use the finest masonry, finest quality, natural and sustainable stone for your building and renovation projects.

As an established stone mason company in Edinburgh, we have forged many strong and lasting relationships with quarries and stone merchants over the years which means we can deliver quickly and efficiently. In many cases, our close ties with our family-run quarries allow us to deliver stone directly to you from the quarries. To discuss all your masonry, or stone restoration work in Edinburgh, contact the team at RB Stone.

Stone Mason Edinburgh Company:
Architectural Stonemasonry

When the team at RB stone do masonry work in Edinburgh, we ensure that our work brings your architectural design to life. Our stonemason team in Edinburgh are top class professionals, doing the finest sandstone repair, brick repairs, and stone restoration to be found anywhere in the city, with all our masons trained in the production, installation and use of stone for a diverse range of architectural applications.

For any sandstone repair or sandstone restoration project on yoru Edinburgh building, it is important to get the best masons on the job, which is where RB Stone comes in. From the design to the stone choice, our stonemasons in Edinburgh work hard to ensure the best architectural stonemasonry is done every time, always with natural stone available from our family-run quarries in Edinburgh.

Comparison Of Brick Masonry
And Stone Masonry Edinburgh

At RB Stone, we pride ourselves on delivering the best masonry work in Edinburgh, setting industry standards in the art of the construction in brick or stone. When it comes to dry masonry some mortar is used to bind the bricks or blocks of stones with each other.

When doing our masonry work in Edinburgh, we use one of the two types of masonry, Brick Masonry and Stone masonry. Brick masonry is that in which bricks are used while in stone masonry, stone blocks are used.
Our stonemasons in Edinburgh are experts with both, which is why they are able to compare what may be the best solution for your individual stonemasonry job in Edinburgh.

  • For masonry work in Edinburgh, brick masonry is cheaper than stone masonry and can be easily constructed.
  • The minimum thickness of wall in stone masonry can be 35 cm whereas, in brick masonry, walls of 10 cm thickness can be constructed by our stonemason teams.
  • The brick masonry construction work we do in Edinburgh proceeds very quickly whereas the stone masonry construction proceeds slowly, as the bricks are handy whereas stones are not
  • Our skilled stonemasons working in Edinburgh are proud of their talents and professional abilities, doing more than the average brick masonry work that can be done by the amatuer.
  • Brick masonry work in Edinburgh requires less mortar whereas stone masonry requires more mortar which cannot be easily estimated.
  • Stone masonry is stronger and more durable brick masonry.
  • When it comes to doing masonry work in Edinburgh, It is not essential to plaster the stone masonry walls where brick walls have to be plastered or painted, when exposed to the open atmosphere.
  • Bricks are of an absorbent nature and no absorbing moisture make the buildings damp, but stones are less adsorbent, and hence stone masonry walls or buildings are more damp proof.
  • Brick masonry work cannot be allowed to come in contact with urine, sewage etc., without protecting them, whereas this is not the case with stone masonry work at Edinburgh sites.
  • Brick masonry is more fire-resistant than stone masonry.
  • Good ornamental work can be cheaply and easily done in plaster in case of brick masonry, but it is not possible in stone masonry.
  • Being uniform and regular in shape, proper bond can be easily obtained in case of bricks as compared with stones. Similarly, obtuse and acute angle joints can be easily provided with brick in masonry than stone masonry.
  • Brick absorbs less quantity of heat than stone, therefore in non- climates, during nights, stone walls emit a mere quantity of heat, making sitting in the room uncomfortable.

3 Wonderful Benefits of
Hiring a Professional Masonry Contractor

When you want masonry done at your Edinburgh property, hiring professionals for your brick and stone projects ensures that the team doing the work can use their unique set of expert skills to get the results you want. Whether it is crumbling stone or other small issues,there could be bigger problems with the foundation, a professional stone mason will help you identify what needs to be done.

Doing some repairs without professional expertise can be dangerous, but stonemasons in Edinburgh are trained to utilize their industry-knowledge with various construction materials and apply that knowledge to keep your building safe from damage.

Superb Efficiency
Getting a professional, efficient masonry team to do your Edinburgh project can help save you time and money, and avoid stress. Doing a masonry project yourself can be difficult and time-consuming, but when you get stone masonry professionals to do your work, you can rely on the fact that the project will be completed more quickly, saving you money on supplies and potential damage, ensuring efficiency and safety.

Resale Value Results
Put simply, doing DIY masonry on your Edinburgh property could cause damage and reduce the value of your home. When you hire professional stonemasons to do the job, you can avoid this worry, and get them to maintain and repair your stone structures, making them look stunning, and even adding value to your home.

Some Of Our Stone Masonry Edinburgh Projects

RB Stone Masonry Edinburgh:
Here for Any Stonemason Edinburgh Job You Need

When it comes to top quality masonry in Edinburgh, RB Stone is the company to call and the team to trust.  Our superb stone mason team works across Edinburgh to create stunning craftsmanship, working closely with each client to ensure the very best results that always meet our exacting standards.

From sandstone repair to masonry construction in Edinburgh, we do most of our masonry work at our purpose built site, though we can do on-site projects as well. From creating stunning new masonry in Edinburgh to doing stone restoration to perfection, our masonry team does everything possible to achieve outstanding results.

Our work at RB Stone includes

Quarrymen splitting the rock and extracting the
resulting blocks of stone from the ground ready to use

Sawyers cut rough blocks into cubes
with diamond-tipped saws, based on required size.

Workshop base banker masons specialise in stone carving
and creating intricate geometrical shapes based on our clients needs.

Working with the stone carvers can create beautiful
designs & fixer masons can fix stones onto buildings.

To inquire about our masonry work, our sandstone repair, masonry construction or stone restoration across Edinburgh, contact the team at RB Stone for a free consultation and no obligation quote.

How To Take Care
Of Your Masonry Edinburgh?

When we talk about stone masonry Edinburgh, we often refer to necessary stone repair work that is usually required when and where the stone has eroded through time, something stonemasons find frequently on older buildings such as churches and architectural buildings of interest. These buildings have often had masonry work that is intricate and carefully carved by professionals.

At RB Stone, we are proud to provide masonry Edinburgh services that include stone repair and replacement solutions designed to restore and refine architectural details such as stone facades, cornices, balustrades, stone windows, lintels and porticos.

If you look after a sandstone or limestone building with damaged stone masonry Edinburgh or Glasgow contact our stonemasons for professional advice about repair and masonry Edinburgh restoration.

The Most Popular Causes
Of Masonry Edinburgh Damage

Stone Masonry Edinburgh
is popular in all types of buildings, especially when it comes to Victorian style. Masonry adds strength, makes the property more energy-efficient, fireproofs the building, and also soundproofs it. The masonry can still become damaged. If your building has stone masonry you should learn the causes of masonry damage and with the aid of professional masonry restoration Edinburgh contractors, attempt to prevent it.

Moisture Penetration  
One of the biggest causes of masonry damage is water. Once water penetrates masonry walls, it affects the structural integrity. Water inside can undergo a cycle of freeze-thaw which causes the structure to be unstable from the inside and puts pressure on the entire structure. Not only is the masonry affected, the water will also cause problems with any adjacent materials like wood or metal and windows and doors. Moisture control is one of the most common masonry restoration Edinburgh projects

Cracks can be caused by moisture inside the masonry structure, or when a building settles or poor preparation of mortar, which results in cracks in the joints. Cracks are one of the most common problems with stone masonry structures. Natural disasters also lead to cracks in masonry walls and the foundations.

Masonry staining can be an unattractive problem for masonry walls on the exterior of a property. It majorly affects the houses curb appeal.  It usually happens when masonry materials or the mortar come in contact with water or harsh weather,
The 2 main causes are water and age.


When it comes to old house renovation in Edinburgh, RB Stone is the company to trust for the results you deserve. Our years of industry experience and our team of talented tradesmen ensure that all our work sets the highest standards.

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