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At RB Stone, we are proud that all our stone carving work in Edinburgh is done by our in-house team of highly qualified masons, artists and architectural conservators. Our years of industry experience when it comes to stone chiseling and stone carving, stone masonry, architecture, art history ornamental styles, fine art sculpture & anatomical study ensures that all our work is done to the highest standards.

With many years of stone carving experience across Edinburgh, working within the architectural and sculptural restoration and conservation sectors, our stone carver is both sensitive to work needed and equipped to do the most sympathetic restoration work.

Our stone carving expertise and portfolio around Edinburgh gives us the knowledge and ability to advise on and undertake appropriate actions on conservation and restoration projects, ensuring our rich cultural heritage is preserved for future generations.

Including both bronze and stone sculpture conservation and architectural restoration, our work goes beyond stone carving, making us one of Edinburgh’s most trusted team of craftsmen.

Our Approach And Philosophy
For Stone Carving In Edinburgh

When it comes to accurately reproducing, carefully e-designing and re-interpreting, our stone carving and stone chiseling work in Edinburgh is second to none. All our stone carving work is done expertly and sympathetically within contexts of historic restoration as well as contemporary modern fabrications.

Our stone carver team in Edinburgh combines the use of traditional techniques alongside cutting edge methods, producing work efficiently and competitively to the highest standard. Our stone carving work is done using specialist skill sets that guarantee our projects are done to perfection.

Responsibility for each aspect of a project is delegated according to our specific strengths with all work exhaustively scrutinised by our team before being released from our workshop.

Our Stone Carving Service Is Flexible
We Do Every Type Of Carving

When it comes to stone carving and stone sculpting, RB Stone is the company that delivers what customers want. Our range of work includes sentence work, columns, stunning marble sculpting for cornices, and exquisite stone carving work for bespoke ornaments.

All our services are done by our talented, experienced and dedicated stone carver who takes pride in his craftsmanship and creates unique pieces that our customers love.

From stone carving columns on Edwardian homes, to detailed stone sculpting and chiseling on ornamental cornices, we have the expertise to ensure that the results are eye-catching and incomparable in their quality. For all requirements, contact RB Stone to get the results you want at a price you will appreciate.

We Create Different Bespoke Stone Carving Edinburgh Items

Sentences & Dates

Whether it is a special anniversary date or a memorial for those lost, when you need stone carving in Edinburgh we are here to work with you to create the perfect results. Our exquisite stone sculpting in Edinburgh includes full sentence, not just dates, so you can personalize the carving exactly how you want it. Whether a small stone sculpting project or a large scale marble sculpting job, our Edinburgh team is on hand to use their expert craftsmanship.

Columns & Cornices

Our stone carving and stone sculpting team in Edinburgh brings both experience and craftsmanship to your work. Using the best materials available, our stone sculpting and creation of columns, as well as gorgeous period features such as cornices, will enhance your property and bring real style to your home. From Edwardian to Victorian, or even modern work, our stone carving work will deliver the results you want at a price you can appreciate.

Flowers & Ornaments

Personal style expressed in stone carving is what our Edinburgh team deliver. From the most delicate flowers to the most elaborate ornaments, we will use all our stone sculpting expertise to create the pieces you want. With time honoured techniques and trusted methods, our marble sculpting team will work hard to achieve perfection, bringing flowers and ornaments to life and showcasing why our stone carving work is viewed as some of the finest in Edinburgh.

Fireplaces & Furnaces

There is something special about a bespoke, beautifully crafted fireplace or furnace, which is why our stone carver in Edinburgh is proud of his ability to create these one off pieces. Guaranteed to enhance your room and turn heads, our fireplaces and furnaces are done with the finest stone sculpting techniques, and are truly unique in both style and quality. Fine stone chiseling meets stunning marble sculpting when you work with RB stone.

As An Experienced Stone Carver Company
We Know Varied Materials Used For Stone Carving

At RB Stone, we know that any material that can be shaped in three dimensions can be used sculpturally, and our stone carver teams in Edinburgh also know that certain materials, by virtue of their structural and aesthetic properties and their availability, have proved especially suitable.

The most important of these are stone, wood, metal, clay, ivory, and plaster. There are also a number of materials that have only recently come into use.

Historically, stone has been the principal material of monumental sculpture, making carving in Edinburgh both storied and precious in terms of a lasting industry. Our stone carver team is used to using many types of stone, many of which are highly resistant to the weather and therefore suitable for external use.

As our stone carving and stone chiselling team in Edinburgh can attest, there are many stones that have a fairly homogeneous texture and a uniform hardness that make them suitable for carving; stone has been the chief material used for the monumental architecture with which so much sculpture has been associated.

Metamorphic rocks result from changes brought about in the structure of sedimentary and igneous rocks by extreme pressure or heat. The most well-known metamorphic rocks used in sculpture are the marbles, which are recrystallized limestones.

Working with a Stone Carving Company in Edinburgh

Stone carving in Edinburgh has a long and very noble history, so let’s take a look at what a stone carving company can do for you…

Client discusses their wishes with their builder / architect / designer
If the stone carving you want in Edinburgh is part of a larger project, such as a new build, a remodel, etc, a team of people can often be involved, ensuring that the stone carver gets the information they need from the builder, designer, and clients.

Images Reviewed
For all our stone carving work in Edinburgh, drawings, magazine photos, architectural renderings, etc., are used to convey the direction intended by the client. From these images and discussions,

Design is Determined
Regardless of the scale of your project, shop drawings are often required, which will be done by the stone carver, the architect, or the designer, prepared for final review before work starts, and allowing the material to be reviewed and selected.

Models are Prepared
If necessary, the stone carver on your Edinburgh project will prepare models or detailed drawings to determine the final form and convey that to the client before starting work.

Material Obtained Schedule Determined, Work Begins
With all the work done, your project can start. Most stone carvers in Edinburgh will allow clients to visit their studio during the carving process, and many will also provide forward progress photos.

Delivery and Installation.
Some stone carvers will install their work, though most do not do this part of the project. A consultation with a stone mason or builder is helpful for this part of the stone carving process.

Some Of Our Stone Carving Edinburgh Projects

Essential Stone Carving Edinburgh Materials And Tools

When it comes to stone carving, stone chiselling, and stone sculpting in Edinburgh, our stone carver team are exacting and precise when they choose the particular tools  they need for completing specific tasks for each project and the level of detail that is required.

Whether it is a large scale job in Edinburgh’s historic central city, or a personal stone sculpting or stone chiselling job, our stone carver in Edinburgh will work hard to create the perfect piece, and knowing the right tools for the job is a critical part of what we do at RB Stone.

Some of the essential tools for stone sculpting include: 

Currently the most commonly used tool for stone carving work in Edinburgh, chisels have been used since prehistoric times, although they have obviously improved significantly over time. Our stone chiselling work involves the use of this manual tool where our stone carver chips away at stone to remove small pieces at a time, so that the artist can produce the form that they want one bit at a time.

Our stone carver in Edinburgh also uses supporting tools alongside the chisel, such as hammers or mallets, which we will talk about next. The chisel can be used for a variety of different tasks, and as such there are carving chisels, lettering chisels and rounded chisels.

Mallets and Hammers 
When it comes to any stone carving, marble sculpting or stone chiselling work in Edinburgh, mallets and hammers are essential tools for working with stone, as they provide the necessary force to strike it with a strong impact. As our professional stone carver team knows, hammers are made up of a metal head and a handle for directing the impact (generally made of wood).

All good stone sculpting teams in Edinburgh should have a good understanding of all the different hammers available to them: round hand hammers, hand bush hammers, lump hammers, splitting hammers, toothed stone axes, trimming hammers, carving picks or crandall hammers. But we will of course always provide all the necessary information to those who are still unsure about all the tools that are available to them.

Pointed Chisels
For stone chiseling work across Edinburgh, our team uses pointed chisels to work with stone in a much more precise manner, and thus achieve a better finish. Carbide pointed chisels, for example, provide maximum resistance during the carving process, a low level of deformation and increased durability. This helps to produce work that is high-impact but also with fine detail and/or a great finish. At RB Stone, our stone chiselling work in Edinburgh is done using a variety of different pointed chisels, allowing our stone carver to use the best tool for each job.

Diamond cutting and saw blades
With any stone carving job in Edinburgh, diamond cutting and saw blades are specially designed for cutting various types of stone. They are specifically made using diamond particles, a material that is well-known for its durability and abrasive qualities. These properties allow them to cut very quickly and precisely. The edge of these blades may be segmented (for stone, brick or granite), continuous (for tile or marble) or turbo (for tile, marble or stone, among other materials).


When it comes to old house renovation in Edinburgh, RB Stone is the company to trust for the results you deserve. Our years of industry experience and our team of talented tradesmen ensure that all our work sets the highest standards.

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