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When it comes to church restoration Edinburgh, RB Stone is the company to call and the team to trust. Our years of industry experience and team of church restoration project consultants and craftsmen are acutely aware and respectful of the importance of preserving the historical significance of your church sanctuary or chapel. With respect and care, we can do church restoration and church renovation at your Edinburgh location, allowing you to modify your platform to gain more flexibility while respecting your church’s unique architecture.

For many of our church restoration and church renovation projects in Edinburgh, we work in churches that have a vast network of plaster repair specialists, experienced church painters and artists that have perfected their craft over many years of service. Church repair work often includes a range of ornate plaster and wooden crown moldings, as well as decorative millwork can be restored so that many more generations can enjoy the church’s original architectural features.

Church restoration experts are able to sympathetically and carefully restore and even replicate original church furnishings like pews, chairs and chancel furnishings, with our restoration church team able to do stained glass window restoration for your church’s antique stained glass, in addition to new, custom stained glass windows.

At RB Stone, our sole aim and our goal during traditional and historical church renovation and church restoration projects is to carefully preserve and enhance your church sanctuary’s architectural details, while updating other materials like carpet, fabric and furnishings and the audio and video equipment.

3 Reasons to Renovate an Existing Building into a New Church Facility

From starting a new campus to looking for extra space to accommodate your growing congregation when it comes to church, or even looking for extra rooms for your youth or older groups to meet in, getting a church renovation in Edinburgh can drastically improve your facilities.

Rather than purchasing additional land and drawing floor plans for a new build,  you can talk to our experts about the options available to you, one of which is doing a major church restoration project that can transform your space and stop the need to move.

Simple Fundraising
When you decide to do a church restoration to rejuvinate and resurrect your Edinburgh house of worship, raising funds may be easier for this than a new build. As your building already exists, many donors might find it easier to share the vision for your new church and contribute to a church restoration or church repair to maintain it.

Find Available Properties
Finding the right, most appropriate  vacant, commercial property with a necessary amount of square footage to transform into your church is an option, and with a full church renovation at any Edinburgh site, the right property can become the perfect church.

Affordable Costs
One of the biggest issues facing any new church renovation or church restoration project in Edinburgh is securing the construction funds, sticking to the agreed budget, and facilitating successful capital campaigns. Church renovation on an existing building is usually the most affordable option when it comes to expanding your church, while eliminating many expenses associated with new construction and new builds.

Some Of Our Church Restoration Edinburgh Projects

RB Stone: Experienced Church Restoration
& Church Refurbishment Edinburgh

With our position as church restoration specialists in Edinburgh, we are able to act as main design-build general contractors, and our church renovation team can assist with all your important church Interiors, master planning, or as a turnkey entity or partner with another designer or builder.

Our church restoration and church renovation experience allow us to ensure that you can plan for the future, whether your church renovation is a plan for growth on your current property or the expansion of multiple facilities, you need a detailed design approach. Our RB Stone church restoration team in Edinburgh are on hand to produce a unique design package at a significant cost savings compared to the traditional method of architecture and contracting.

Our church restoration team and church renovation experts boast years of experience in church architecture and liturgical interior design, with each of our church restoration projects in Edinburgh showcasing the craftsmanship we have become renowned for at RB Stone. For all your church restoration and church renovation work in Edinburgh, contact RB Stone today.


When it comes to old house renovation in Edinburgh, RB Stone is the company to trust for the results you deserve. Our years of industry experience and our team of talented tradesmen ensure that all our work sets the highest standards.

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