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When it comes to statue restoration and concrete statue restoration Edinburgh, time can often be the biggest problem. Put simply, over time exposure to various elements can take a toll on a concrete statue, with inclement weather prone to causing crumbling, cracks and holes in concrete.

If the statue is just beginning to decay, then statue restoration and full scale preservation are possible. For all bronze statue, religious statue and church statue restoration work, our professional team will conduct a thorough cleaning as well as patching any damaged areas.

The next stage of our statue restoration process involves sealing the restored concrete preserves the statue’s life because the sealer fills the concrete’s pores, keeping out water and other damaging substances.

For this kind of statue restoration work in Edinburgh, stone is the customary material used, largely as it is highly durable and can accommodate fine carved detailing that is so important on religious statues, for example. Thanks to modern machine tools that can supplement the craftsman’s traditional mallets, chisels and rasps, statue restoration and repairing plaster statues is now more accessible and possible, though it is not always fast work as precision and details really matter.

At RB Stone we are proud to offer a less expensive statue restoration option for our Edinburgh customers, where the statuary is reconstituted, and where we can use crush and grind natural stone, then mix it with a binding agent before it is re-bonded and pressed into moulds. The finished item can be made to look like marble, granite, sandstone or limestone, appearing so similar to natural carved stone that at first glance it is often difficult to tell them apart.

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How Does Our Statue Restoration Edinburgh Process Look Like?

Step 1 
Our statue restoration process in Edinburgh begins with us brushing away moss, losing dirt and crumbling stone from the damaged area, before we use trusted statue restoration techniques to clean your statue with mild detergent diluted in warm water to get rid of any ingrained dirt or grease. Our statue restoration team will then rinse away residue with clean water and allow stone to dry out, ensuring that our careful preparation now will allow the adhesive to bond well with the stone.

Step 2 
Our statue restoration team will then widen the bottom of each crack that is larger than a hairline crack by using a chisel, before our team inserts the chisel’s blade into one of the cracks, and gently hammers on the back of the hammer to remove material from inside the crack. Our experts will then use the same procedure for each crack that is larger than a hairline crack.

Step 3
Our RB Stone statue restoration team will then scrub the concrete statue with a concrete-etching cleaner and a scrub brush, before they einse the concrete afterward.

Step 4 
Next, our religious statue restoration team will create a paste for patching the statue, then they will stir water gradually into a dry cement mix until they achieve a wet, thick consistency.

Step 5
After this, our statue restoration professionals will move on to painting the insides of cracks and holes with concrete-bonding adhesive, using a small, round paint brush for good access.

Step 6 
The next stage of our concrete statue restoration process involves forcing the paste into the cracks and holes with a putty knife, leveling the paste smooth with the concrete’s surface, after which we will use a pointing trowel, which has a narrow blade, to conform to intricate contours of the statue.

Step 7
With steps 1-6 done, our statue restoration team will wait for the patches to set up for two hours, and then they will cover the statue with plastic sheeting, leaving the plastic on the statue for five days to facilitate proper curing. Our team will mist the patched areas periodically with water.

Step 8
The final stage for our concrete statue restoration teams in Edinburgh is painting your concrete statue with a penetrating concrete sealer, before using a paint brush or sprayer. Our statue restoration team will always start with a thin coat, and when that thin coat becomes tacky, our RB Stone team will apply a second, slightly thicker coat, before brushing in any runs before they start to dry. To finish and guarantee our clients the best results, our statue restoration team will return to site to test the seal periodically with water, and if the water ceases to bead on the surface, they will carefully apply a new coat of sealer.


When it comes to old house renovation in Edinburgh, RB Stone is the company to trust for the results you deserve. Our years of industry experience and our team of talented tradesmen ensure that all our work sets the highest standards.

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